Welcome to SAVVY by MOANS®, where sophistication meets ingenuity. Not because we proclaim to be savvy, but because our distinguished clients are. Designed with the discerning business in mind, we exclusively cater to B2B clientele, from theatrical powerhouses to discerning retailers.


Your Business, Our Craftsmanship

  • Residential Costume Designers: Dive into our collection, curated with the silver screen and dramatic arts in mind. Collaborate with us to design, create, or select iconic pieces that elevate your characters to legendary status.
  • Freelance Costume Designers: Bound by no exclusivity, freelance maestros will find our versatile range indispensable. From films to fashion shows, our creations are an extension of your creativity.
  • High-End Costume Jewelry Dealers: Partner with MOANS® and showcase our exquisite pieces across your online and offline platforms. Let’s capture audiences together, be it at renowned flea markets or chic antique stores.
  • Gift Stores: Experience our bespoke collection tailor-made to enhance your store’s unique essence. Under the MOANS® Couture label, serve your customers something they’ve never seen before.
  • Private Clients: Bespoke creations for the connoisseurs. Collaborate with our designers to craft pieces that encapsulate your unique essence and elevate any occasion.

Dive into Our Collections

Theatrical Jewelry: Designed to captivate. Larger-than-life pieces, historical replicas, or futuristic marvels, our range empowers the character’s narrative.

Luxury Costume Jewelry: Unparalleled craftsmanship meets luxurious materials, promising high-end allure without the premium price.


Craftsmanship Highlights

  • Poured Glass Jewelry: A Parisian touch that exudes beauty and uniqueness.
  • Blown Glass: A timeless technique, reflecting the essence of ancient Syrian artistry.
  • Vintage Pressed Cabochons & Lampwork Glass Beads: A hint of vintage charm, sourced from the world’s renowned glasswork regions.
  • Wirework: Opera-inspired designs intertwined with Mardi Gras magnificence.
  • Prong Settings: Classic brilliance that lets every gem shine.
  • Hand Beaded Necklaces: Meticulously crafted, bead by bead.

Inspiration Across Ages

Our designs are timeless. Drawing from Byzantine to the 80s’ flair, every era whispers its story through our pieces. Whether it’s the Edwardian elegance or the 70’s groovy vibe, MOANS® ensures a style for every taste.


Join the SAVVY revolution

Dive into the world of MOANS® and let’s craft success stories, one exquisite piece at a time.

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