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Resellers, In Our Store, You Will Be Able To Find All kinds of Creative Styles.


Respect Craftsmanship? Let us tell you What we do.

Creativity, coupled with a deep respect for time-honored techniques, is the cornerstone of our brand’s success. Our unique and distinctive designs set us apart in a crowded marketplace. We push boundaries and challenge conversations, consistently delivering products that resonate with our customers.


Signature Sparkles

From the timeless allure of Moans Collectibles, the bespoke elegance of Moans Couture, to the ready-to-wear charm of Moans Prêt-à-Porter, every facet of our craftsmanship is epitomized in the exquisite luxury of our jewelry.

MOANS® Couture specializes in the creation of exclusive, custom-made jewelry, handcrafted with unparalleled attention to detail for costume designers and select private clients. With a unique focus on coronation pieces, such as crowns, scepters, ducal chains, and headpieces, MOANS® Couture stands as a beacon of unmatched craftsmanship in the world of custom adornments.

MOANS® Collectibles crafts high-end, statement pieces right in the USA, merging traditional artistry with contemporary flair. Harnessing techniques like poured and blown glass, coupled with vintage costume supplies and shimmering rhinestones, each oversized creation is not just a piece of jewelry but a testament to American craftsmanship and audacious style.

MOANS® Pret-a-porté captures the essence of everyday luxury, offering ready-to-wear jewelry that draws inspiration from our esteemed couture and collectible designs. Crafted with the global touch of artisans from the USA, Europe, and Asia, each piece blends accessibility with the signature MOANS® elegance, making high-fashion style effortlessly attainable.


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Discover a realm where fine craftsmanship meets business solutions. Follow us for a tailored journey for dealers, retail outlets, and costume designers, each interaction a step towards mutual success. Whether you’re a costume designer seeking elegance, a jewelry dealer aspiring for the remarkable, or a freelance visionary craving unique pieces, explore transcendent aesthetics and unparalleled service with us. Together, let’s unveil distinctive elegance with Signature Sparkles. Your venture into fine jewelry and business synergy begins here.