Introducing MOANS® Couture, a brand that embodies the essence of wearable art. Each piece is a unique work of art, created by the talented designer, Christopher Crouch, also known as “Chris.” Based in the USA and inspired by the magic of fashion, MOANS® pieces are hand made in limited quantities to maintain their exclusivity.

Since 2013, Chris has been recognized for his exceptional design work and has been credited for creating jewelry for hit Broadway productions such as “ALADDIN,” “Something Rotten!”, “Anastasia on Broadway,” “Pretty Woman,” and the off-Broadway burlesque show “Queen of the Night.” He officially launched the MOANS® label in the fall of 2013 and has since gained a substantial following.

Chris’s jewelry design philosophy is straightforward – he creates pieces that make him happy and incorporates joy into each piece. As a result, the pieces not only bring happiness to the wearer but have also proven to be good for business. MOANS® pieces are sold by high-end costume jewelry dealers worldwide, from Moscow to Paris, and Palm Beach to anywhere in between.

The MOANS® brand is known for its tradition of massive, sturdy statement jewelry, and with each piece created by Chris himself, you can be sure that you are getting a unique and exceptional work of art. The next time you inspect a piece of costume jewelry, make sure to look for the MOANS® label, and know that you are not just getting a beautiful piece of jewelry, but a piece of wearable art with a story behind it.