About Us

We warmly welcome you to the essence of MOANS® Couture, a brand rooted in the passion and creativity of its founder, Christopher Crouch, who also embraces the persona of Farrah Moans. Honoring a biphasic gender identity, Chris/Farrah cherishes the dual facets of their being, thriving on authentic expression that transcends into the heart of the brand. The name MOANS, a tribute to Farrah, encapsulates a narrative of self-exploration and artistic expression, manifesting as wearable pieces of art that resonate with the individuality of every admirer.


Christopher Crouch



Each piece of MOANS® Couture narrates a tale of creativity, meticulously shaped by Chris/Farrah whose affinity for fashion and artistry fuels the brand’s essence. Nestled in the USA, the allure of fashion guides their hands as they craft each piece, ensuring a unique identity and limited availability that enhances its exclusivity.

The journey began to unfold in 2013, with Chris/Farrah’s distinct design narrative catching the eye and adorning the silhouettes of actors in notable theatrical productions. As autumn hues graced 2013, the MOANS® label was tenderly launched, cultivating a growing circle of aficionados who resonate with the brand’s ethos.

Chris/Farrah’s design philosophy is as simple as it is profound—crafting pieces that are a source of joy, imbuing each creation with a sense of happiness. This nurturing approach not only captivates those who wear MOANS® creations but also reflects a harmonious business model. The brand extends its reach globally through reputable costume jewelry outlets, from the bustling urban tapestries of Moscow and Paris to the tranquil shores of Palm Beach and afar.


exclusive Pieces

Celebrating a tradition of bold, statement jewelry, MOANS® Couture is a realm where each piece, personally crafted by Chris/Farrah, is a testament to the duo’s artistic journey. The MOANS® or Farrah Moans® insignia on a piece of costume jewelry is more than just a hallmark of aesthetics; it’s a wearable narrative that embodies a blend of artistic flair and authentic living. Through their labels, Chris/Farrah invite you to not only adorn yourself with unique pieces of wearable art but also to embrace the story of self-expression and authentic identity that each piece carries with it.