Do you need a custom made crown or Tiara? Broadway, Runway, Mardi Gras, Movies, Theme Parks, Entertainers, Historical Reenactment Societies, Private clubs and more call Moans when they need something specific made. From a avant-garde to art deco, MOANS creates realistic and artistic designs for our clients particular needs.

We will work with you to help bring your idea to life. Our custom made crowns, tiaras, ducal chains and scepters are some of the most creative in world. We discuss what your event will be or if you just want a new piece. Show you some options and discuss pricing. Based on your budget we will either write a concept or provide a illustration. It’s always best to start at least six months before your event. We handmade each and every piece.

After agreeing on your idea and collecting a deposit we will add you to our production calendar. We understand that sometimes life makes more of demand and we need to rush your order, this does affect your price.

If you dream about it, we can make it!

If you would like more information please contact us.